A Travel Guide to Italy

Travel Guide

Travelling Italy by train means you can get to see anything and everything from the ancient relics of Pompeii to the amazing Tuscan coastline. You can discover the treasures of Rome and Florence; you can go shopping in Milan and go exploring the canals of Venice by Gondola. If you decide to travel by train then the entire country is within your reach.

Italy Is For the Adventurers- The Dolomite Climbs

If you are looking for more challenging adventures, the Via Ferrata are the steel ladders that are attached with fixed cables in the Dolomite Mountains that ensure the safer climbing experience for both newcomers as well as the advanced climbers. You will get to see spectacular views and breathtaking challenges throughout the Dolomites by these climbs.

Get Closer To the Genius in Florence

All the art lovers love to visit Florence as it gives a chance to stand in the presence of greatness. All the world-famous art pieces of Italy are displayed there. The Michelangelo’s David that is situated at the Galleria Dell’Accademia Di Bella Arti is one of the must visit places. Some famous places to visit are the Uffizi Gallery, the Birth of Venus, by Botticelli.

Don’t forget to taste the exotic and culinary delights of this world-famous city. People from around the world come to taste the divine and diverse variety of dishes of Italy. Whether you are an art lover, a history lover, or just a freak adventurer, Florence offers the heart of Italy to your eyes and your palate.

No Better Shopping Destination than the Magical Milan

Milan has been the centre of the high fashion industry for decades now. The skyscrapers blend with the historical monuments and give a modern look combined with old-world feel to the city. Milan is famous for its most amazing nightlife and high-energy city life.

Rome: A Royal Adventure

The eternal city of Rome offers a feast to your eyes and a festival for your soul. Drop a coin into the famous Trevi Fountain, and learn about the historical architecture and the unique beauty of this vibrant and historical metropolis.

Travelling Italy by Train
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