Travelling Italy by Train

Traveling Italy By Train

A range of Italian Trains transports you across the whole of Italy and its islands. You can also travel to and from the other European countries by day or night through trains to experience an outstanding trip. The regional trains in Italy operate recurrent services all over the country. The routes include the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. You can easily get the train tickets from the various internet sites or else you can make them in the railway stations.

The High-Speed Trains in Italy

The trains like the Le Frecce trains also known as the Eurostar Italia are the Italy’s modern and comfortable high-speed trains that provide services to all the popular Italian cities. All the trains are highly luxurious, air-conditioning, large racks for luggage, power sockets, refreshments and a restaurant car.

The Italian Domestic Night Trains and the Scenic Trains

If you want to travel between the north and south of Italy by the night, for saving the day time to travel; there are various domestic night trains that run throughout Italy like the InterCity Notte. If you want to experience and enjoy the scenic beauty of Italy, you can take the scenic train routes across the country.

A Travel Guide to Italy

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